How to Make your own super rad collage!

Not everyone has to be an artist to make awesome art. All you need are some leftover magazines or newspapers, some glue and scissors and time and you’ll be on your way to becoming the next Picasso!


First gather all the supplies you think you’ll need.


Next get to cutting and tearing. Your collage might have a theme like nature or flowers or you might just cut out any cool pictures and words that you like. I was making a flyer for donations to the Atlanta Zine Library (insert link here) so I kept this in mind while searching through the magazines and newspapers.


Once you have everything for your collage begin to cut around the letters and pics to make them neater.


Arrange your collage in whichever way you see fit. Some people like to throw the pictures onto the page, but I like to put them together like a puzzle so they fit together, but it’s your collage so do whatever works for you! When you’re done arranging glue the pictures down (duh!) It helps to take a picture of your collage before you get to this step just in case you forget how it looked.


You can always use markers or pens to fill in any words you might be missing. I like using different mediums on the same piece as it creates texture and is more interesting to the eye.


And now you’re all done! Super simple right? Now you’re on your way to becoming a world class collager. RAD!

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