Educational in nature, Discrit (“critical discourse” / “discourse critique”) is a new Murmur initiative of donation-based knowledge-sharing and discussion. A kind of “free critical theory course,” the program uses various texts and cultural artifacts to conduct seminar-style discussions covering a range of theoretical concerns indispensable in deciphering and decoding our current moment.
The first season of Discrit examines the intersection of feminism, technology, cyborg theory, and related artistic and activist practices of the 21st century. The online text “Xenofeminism” provides a lens through which all other materials are analyzed.
While our conversations are open-ended and casual, moderators Joey Molina and Chris Fernald provide structure and guidance to ensure that discussion stays purposeful, strives for inclusivity, and touches salient topics embedded in the materials.
This series is ideal for artists looking for a refresher on critical topics they may have encountered in school, or for any individual hoping to both add depth and complexity to their practice through theory or to connect with like-minded individuals who may act as critics, allies, and potential collaborators.