Day Planner Zine Release

day-plannerMurmur is happy to announce our third annual calendar release show! This years’ calendar is a 12 month day-planner zine. Elmyriachi is pleased to host this fundraiser for Atlanta Zine Fest 2015. A portion of all food and beverage sales benefits the fest, so join us for dinner! DJs Salvia Plath, Caprisunni Deelite and Valentina Tapia are an added bonus (as if you needed one). Let us know you’re coming!

At just $6, the calendar day planner is bursting with creativity, information, and useful- ness. Each week features a different contributor, with space for to-do lists and important dates.

Celebrating the DIY informs all Murmur events. Throughout the year we have several fundraisers and community outreach nights–culminating in the fest in summer 2015. We’re excited to offer this calendar as a take-home preview of many fest participants.

Contributors include: Amanda Mills • Rebecca Kidd • Allyssa Lewis • Jake Cook • Paige Solomon • Ladyfest ATL• Brooke Hatfield • Thomas Fine • Nathan Morris • Valentina Tapia • Laura Relyea • Judith Jones • Laura Vela • Grace Nelson • Isadora Pennington • Rachel Blanton • Allen Taylor • Jeremiah McCleary • Sheena Roetman • Sunnni • Matt Weiner

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