AZF 2016 will be in various spaces in the South Downtown arts district on Saturday, June 11. Please read the following in full 🙂

Thank you for your interest in becoming an AZF 2016 vendor! Due to limited space this year, we will not be able to accept every vendor application. As such, we are asking for more detailed information to make sure each vendor is the best fit for AZF 2016. Anyone can apply. If your application is not selected for vendor space, we will immediately refund your money. After acceptance, cancellations cannot be refunded.

What we’re looking for: zines! and other DIY media, such as tapes, prints, independent films, flyers, buttons, etc. Bonus points if your table reflects the Digital DIY theme, but this is not a requirement. Extra bonus points if you plan to stylize your table in some way (i.e. table cloth, banner, etc).

IMPORTANT: If you are only selling one zine, you will not be accepted for a table but will be invited to participate in our consignment shop, which will be set up at the fest! Consignment zinesters have the benefit of not paying a vendor fee. They will also receive 65% of the sales of their items. Find more information on Subplot, our consignment shop, here.

What we’re not looking for: tables that sell exclusively jewelry, consignment clothes, vintage wares, etc. We appreciate what you’re doing! But unfortunately these will not be accepted, as it does not fit into AZF’s scope.

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Feel free to email us if you have any questions! [email protected]