Vendor space is full. We don’t want anyone’s work left out who wishes to participate, so we have a consignment option.

If you have one zine to sell, or don’t want/feel you need a table, please consider selling your zines through the Subplot Pop-Up zine shop. Form and details below!


  • You will keep 65% of the profit from the sales of your work (this does not include credit card fees or sales tax).
  • We are only accepting zines.
  • You do not pay a table or vendor fee! Selling through the consignment shop is free.
  • We must receive your work by July 10th to ensure our inventory is accurate.
  • You still must apply and be accepted, but it’s not competitive and space isn’t as limited.
  • Questions? Concerns? Email us at [email protected]

To apply for the consignment shop, please fill out the form below. We will confirm your acceptance and provide drop off details asap. Thank you!

Fill out this online form.