Promo Image by Shae Edman


The 2016 AZF theme is Digital DIY. We seek programming that highlights the revolutionary, experimental, and/or culture-sharing aspects of the digital landscape. We are dedicating 50% of programming to this theme; the rest will be open-ended as in previous years. Examples of proposals that fit into the Digital DIY theme include:

  • a workshop on how to run an online zine distro
  • a discussion on the importance of digital archives and ephemeral media, i.e. zines
  • a workshop on coding or graphic design skills as implemented in DIY
  • multi-modal aspects of zine-making, such as video, music, podcasting, and other new tools for production
  • a panel on identity as manifest in online subcultures
  • a discussion on an under-explored cultural, online phenomenon
  • a guest speaker who utilizes social media for activist and community organizing

Send us your speaker or workshop proposal here. Vendors, please sign up here.