Murmur Media is a unique community resource based in Atlanta, GA. Our programming offers accessible and invaluable insight into DIY culture. We are an organization that provides spaces, tools, and educational resources with the specific intention of facilitating each individual’s involvement in DIY media. Our vision is to make creative opportunities as expansive, innovative, and affordable as possible. Our success can be defined by the scope of our outreach as we strive to make space for underserved and untapped groups.

Examples of our past and future programming include hosting queer and anti-homophobic events, workshops with topics ranging from cyber-security to eco-sustainability, joining a homeless youth organization’s efforts, screenings supporting experimental independent film, and the annual Atlanta Zine Fest.

Board of directors

Victoria Camblin, Director
Thomas Fine, Treasurer
Jasmine Amussen, Secretary
Allie Bashuk, Director
Luciano Giarrano, Director
Brandon Sheats, Director