Murmur’s 1/4 (Quarter) Program brings in artists and community organizers as guest curators. 1/4 Program residents act as content specialists, creating and overseeing a period of programming in collaboration with Murmur. Residents will have access to our brick and mortar space, volunteer staff, and resources. The guest curator has three months to execute a single, large-scale event or an event series that can range from an exhibit, a film screening, a workshop series, etc. These programs activate the space in myriad ways: as a learning facility, an art gallery, a science lab, a comedy club and others. Importantly, we are not limiting the scope to traditional visual arts. Murmur looks forward to another year of providing space, resources and programming that will allow artists and activists to share their most creative, experimental and engaging work with Atlanta and beyond.

2017 1/4 Program Residents:
Q1 – Amber North
Q2 – Grace Allison Perkins
Q3 – Barry Lee
Q4 – Jay Payton

2016 1/4 Program Residents:
Q1 – Grace Thornton
Q2 – Josephine Figueroa
Q3 – Chelsea Dunn + Megan Leach
Q4 – WUSSY Mag