1/30 : Dizzy Youth Workshop at Hodgepodge!


Dizzy Youth Workshop Series: Coloring Book, Storybook
Saturday January 30th // 12 PM – 2 PM
Hodgepodge Coffee House
720 Moreland Ave SE

January 2016 marks the start of Murmur’s new 1/4 (Quarter) Program, a 90-day guest curatorship. Equipped with a new space in the budding South Downtown arts district, we’re bringing in artists and community organizers to act as content specialists: creating and overseeing a period of programming in collaboration with Murmur. Atlanta artist Grace Thornton is the first to take on the curatorial position.


Thornton, who has a background in early childhood education, will utilize her 1/4 residency by organizing and facilitating a series of workshops, titled Dizzy Youth, for kids aged 12 and under. Workshop participants will take part in a variety of artistic practices such as sculpture building, writing, and gallery installation. The first workshop, scheduled for January 30th from 12-2pm, invites kids to construct their own line-drawing coloring and story books alongside established Atlanta artists.

At this workshop, kids will use markers, crayons, and colored pencils to fill in a custom coloring book Murmur has created with drawings donated by local artists including Ashley Anderson, Jason Murphy, Jeremiah McCleary, and Becky Furey. Adult helpers will transcribe what the kids are saying about the drawing as they color. The stories they make up, along with the drawings they create, will be compiled into a storybook to be displayed at the Dizzy Youth Workshops Exhibit at Murmur Media in March.

Geared towards kids ages 3-8.

The entrance and bathroom of Hodgepodge are wheelchair accessible.

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